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Home base is a special base:

- The home base can not be conquered, only destroyed. If it is destroyed, the player whose home base was destroyed will get a new one, but flaks and factories are back on the starting level.

- The home base leaves the map if a player is inactive on the map for more than 15 minutes.

- The home base spawns on a random position but as near as possible to allied bases.
- The home base spawns in the same place as before, unless there is no room left (for example, a vehicle or other base is there now) or it was too far away from the bases of other alliance members (happens especially after changing the alliance)
- The home base is always on the home map. The home map can be changed in the setup menu, and this also moves the home base to another map.

Change home map if you only have 1 base (all maps!):
- All maps can be selected, unless there are already too many home bases there
- Up to 100 million resources from the old home map will be transported to the new home map
- Home map change only costs 0 gold unless the last change was less than 5 days ago, under 24h costs more

Change home map if you have more than 1 base (all maps!):
- Up to 1 million resources from the old home map will be transported to the new home map
- The bottom 10% of the maps cannot be selected as a new home map
- If the last home map change is less than 5 days ago, the change costs more gold, under 24h costs more
- Gold price depends on the number of bases (all maps!) you have and the target map (older maps are cheaper)
- You can only switch to the lower 70% of the maps if your alliance have more than 1 fixed base there (home bases do not count).
- If the home base is destroyed, you land on the home base on the map where you have the most bases

If you have more than 1 base and want to change the home map, you must first ensure that there is enough maximum on your old home map:
- The home base provides more maximum, so must:
- - over 1000 free military points are available (e.g. 2000/3100 MP)
- - over 1000 free build-up points are available (e.g.: 4500 / 6000 AP)
- - more than 10 free base points are available (e.g.: 7 / 17 bases)
- - over 5 more group limit (e.g. 11 / 16.7 group limit)
- Build enough military headquarters, power plants, base commands, group limit expansions, or send troops into battle to get rid of group limit or military points

Stronger Defense:
- The base defense of the home base is 3x better armored | Navy Quest | Real Time Strategy Game | (C) DITOGAMES | Impressum